About Us

The Entrepreneurship, Accomplishment & Autonomy Course is led primarily by Jeff Willmore, however the implementation is shared between a team of powerful coaches and entrepreneurs. Meet the team:

Jeff Willmore

I have led transformational programs for over 23 years to over 160,000 people all over the world. I’ve worked with Olympic and professional athletes, Navy Seal and Special Forces members, top executives from all fields, Oscar winning actors, Grammy Award winning musicians – I’ve trained with the best and worked with the best! I owe much of my development, abilities and skills to the extensive training and development I got in transformational methodologies at Landmark Worldwide – very likely the top, personal transformational coaching faculty in the world.


I was lucky enough to be born into a life where I was destined to live a life where I had a fair amount of success and achievement (close family, college degree, successful entrepreneur and getting “more” successful, etc.) and yet I fell into the trap that the “Time = Money” worldview and illusion creates for all of us: I worked too much, I didn’t take time for my family and friends (and other values that were important to me), and seemed to spend a lot of my energy and life fighting to overcome my own limitations (the belief that I’m not a ‘people’ person, self-doubt, I don’t need anyone, a deep fear of speaking in front of people, wanting to be liked, and so on). I realized how much I sacrificed in order to have “success.”


In my own transformative process and journey, I discovered for myself great achievement and accomplishment and how to help others attain it as well. Not just in one area – but in a life. I know how to teach and coach others to accomplish their professional dreams, their vision, their business goals while at the same time really living – travel, building wealth, family-time, taking care of your health, and living a life of contribution.


I help extraordinary people who are already performers or top performers leap to the next level and fulfill their vision by learning to see themselves, the marketplace and the world differently. You will learn to act as a leader in the marketplace and in your life.


I have worked on the principles behind The Entrepreneurship, Accomplishment & Autonomy Course for the last 10 years. I designed the course using the latest research in cognitive science (How do we know what we know? How do we learn?), behavioral economics and biology. The unique structure and methodology deliberately steps away from the “tips and techniques” kind of education that betrays top performance and adulthood and instead, allows you to embody the advanced knowledge of a market leader and allows you to design leading edge practices based on your own original thinking.

Richard Condon

Richard has been engaged in and delivering transformational and ontological work for almost 40 years. Like Jeff, Richard also spent significant time training with and leading transformational programs with Landmark Worldwide. He has delivered programs all over the world for over 200,000 people and is internationally recognized for his unique ability to design and deliver innovative perspectives on leadership, communication, productivity, teamwork, and elevating performance.


Richard’s most recent creation is a new access to living – what he calls – “an aligned life.” Living an aligned life includes aligning your business/career/profession.


At its simplest, it is discovering and creating the Fundamental Intention for our life, and then exploring what it takes to live and work  truthfully and powerfully from the declared North Star of our lives. The fundamental principles that he works from are that we can invent, design and fulfill our own authentic and heart-based lives and businesses/careers and subsequently then act, in thought, speech and action, consistently and coherently with what our lives are about.


Richard is inspired to partner with Jeff and bring this methodology into The Entrepreneurship, Accomplishment & Autonomy Course and make it available to you!