The Course

The unique structure and methodology of The Entrepreneurship, Accomplishment & Autonomy Course deliberately steps away from the “tips, techniques and answers” kind of business knowledge that has you mimicking, copying or imitating others and guarantees mediocrity.


If you are willing to live with the status quo or defending what you already know, you risk being ordinary. And most importantly, you won’t fulfill what you’ve said is most important to you in your life as an entrepreneur/change maker/professional/business owner.


It doesn’t have to be this way. You are not ordinary.


As an alternative, in this Course we operate as guides to hidden possibilities. We get out of the way what allows you to embody the advanced business knowledge of a market leader and allows you to design leading edge business practices based on your own original thinking.

In answering these questions, our program creates a new access and approach to learning and development in both content and structure.


What knowledge, skills and abilities are required to dramatically increase my income and/or produce uncommon business growth?


How do I have extraordinary accomplishment and success and still have a life of peace, autonomy and fulfillment?


Equally important – how are such abilities, knowledge and skills acquired?

You will learn that uncommon knowledge and original thinking, new business practices and strategies invented from your vision along with an engaging network of support and contribution replaces working harder and working longer.


In The Entrepreneurship, Accomplishment & Autonomy Course, we promise you a decisive and long-lasting competitive advantage in the marketplace and in your life that cannot be taken away, copied, or imitated.


The emphasis of the Course is on developing your ability to embody new ideas, actions and initiatives in business and in life. This is in sharp contrast to conceptual knowledge which only allows for explanation, copying or description.


Other benefits?

  • Designing, delivering and fulfilling new and more competitive offers


  • More authentic connection, less selling


  • More inspiration, less “going through the motions”
  • More confidence and direction in the face of change and uncertainty, less panic


  • Becoming a designer and inventor of conversations, proposals and business narratives
  • Clarity and direction for realizing business goals


  • “The triumph of imagination” and innovation in realizing seemingly impossible business outcomes
  • More “magic”, less force


  • More new thinking, less “working hard” mindset


  • Inventing career and business futures that satisfy your fundamental life values

The emphasis of the Course is on developing your ability to embody new actions, ideas and initiatives in business and in life.