How it works

Each step of The Entrepreneurship, Accomplishment & Autonomy Course anticipates the road blocks or stops that you may run into when learning new ways of thinking and acting.

Every aspect of the Course is directly relevant to a participant’s commitments and aspirations for elevating their autonomyincreasing their income, and building and living a more harmonious, meaningful life.


The emphasis of the Course is on developing each participant’s ability to embody new actions, ideas and insights in business and in life. This is in sharp contrast to conceptual knowledge which only allows for explanation, copying or description.


It allows and enables participants to dramatically elevate their abilities and completely re-orient or re-direct the direction of their career/profession as well as accomplishing their most important life goals while they are earning a living, running a company and living a life (marriage/relationship, coaching little league, exercise and recreation, vacations, family time, etc.).


What are your decisions and choices based on?

Are there assumptions about your business or doing business that you've inherited?

Is it possible that the ``best practices`` you use to define your way of doing business are, in fact, outdated?

What if your assessments aren't chosen and created but instead are automatic assumptions?


As you dismantle your inherited practices and habits, you will begin to discover your vision for your business and your life. You will design and invent yourself as a leader – of high-performing teams, of significantly profitable businesses – that impacts and inspires others.


You will come face-to-face with the realization that the market leaders in your profession or industry are those who invent, not from business as usual, but from their unique vision and fundamental commitments.


You will learn in the Course to work effectively with others through building a powerful “Network of Contribution and Support.”

A Network of Contribution and Support includes:

  • creating the kind of relationship with colleagues and employees where they support you to open-up and expand your thinking and your view
  • customers who trust you and you trust them and you mutually contribute to one another
  • having expert coaches and teachers to help you learn and broaden your understanding
  • partners that you invent and design the future with