The Results

Our program, Entrepreneurship, Accomplishment & Autonomy, enables you to dramatically elevate your abilities and completely re-orient or re-direct the direction of your company/career as well as accomplishing your most important life goals while earning a living, running a company and living a life.


Some of these goals include:

  • Dramatically increase your income and/or your company’s revenue


  • Significantly elevate the autonomy (freedom from external control or influence; independence; self-determination) in your career and life


  • Define (or re-define) a career and career actions that are expressive of your essential purpose(s)


  • Increase peace, dignity, balance, wholeness and joy


  • Produce a newfound ability and capacity to compete powerfully (and love it!)


  • Discover the heuristics and cognitive biases that are dramatically limiting achievement, accomplishment and creation in your career and life


  • Learn how to create, design and implement new, powerful, competitive offers that have you be a leader in the marketplace and expands your value in the marketplace


  • Replace tired, common and familiar business knowledge and practices with advanced knowledge and original thinking that enables you and your partners, colleagues and employees to accomplish out-of-the-ordinary business outcomes


  • Be the kind of leader who enables and empowers your partners, colleagues and employees to think and act effectively, powerfully and competitively


  • Fulfill on your company’s most challenging and compelling mission(s)

You will design and invent yourself as a leader – of high-performing teams, of significantly profitable businesses (or careers), that impacts and inspires others.


And finally, and most importantly, we promise our participants will create careers and businesses that fulfill on their fundamental commitments (family, health & vitality, achievement, dignity, et. al.) and live lives of significant generosity and profound contribution.