FULFILL YOUR VISION, DISCOVER TRUE AUTONOMY, AND EXPAND TO YOUR NEXT LEVEL Your path to autonomy begins now REGISTER NOW Registration is open for the Fall 2020 Program

The Entrepreneurship, Accomplishment & Autonomy course provides access to the original thinking and advanced knowledge that
empowers businesspeople and professionals to design and build successful, rewarding careers (and businesses) that are true to their
most fundamental values, goals and commitments – both personal and professional.


We promise our participants will discover their calling and align their careers and businesses that fulfill on their fundamental commitments (family, health & vitality, achievement, dignity, et al.) and live lives of significant
generosity and profound contribution.

When you and I are doing business in a UNIQUE way, you’re no longer competing with everyone else.


You are living true. You are fulfilling your vision.




We are living in the most technologically advanced, competitive and rapidly changing global marketplace in human history.

This evolving marketplace demands that you quit relying on the ordinary and prevalent business knowledge inherited from the past and learn to “engage your mind” in new ways.


What difference would it make to design new, compelling futures, invent up-to-date interpretations and views of yourself, the marketplace and the world, and create powerful approaches to your current challenges distinct from relying on conventional wisdom and tired truisms?

Our innovative approach equips you with new, advanced knowledge giving you real autonomy,
power and influence in the marketplace, your life and the world.


We say the pathway to lasting success and accomplishment is with uncommon knowledge.


I help extraordinary people who are already performers or top performers leap to the next level and fulfill their vision by learning to see themselves, the marketplace and the world differently.


You will learn to be a leader in the marketplace and in your life.

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with US